It's a bit difficult to tell what's going on, but I'll try. The Thrill Set, who may or may not be connected in a professional fashion with the Turbo Tower of Power, consist of four people, one of whom is a recently defrosted Nazi who wasn't happy to learn Germany lost the war. Wasn't happy at all. One of these individuals has decided to escape from a farm, which is ringed in its entirety by a stone fence. The only way to get over the fence was to build a ramp - in this case a dock with a gunrack, dragged from the lakeshore a mile away. The dock didn't intersect the ground at the proper angle, though; there was a gap of a foot, which meant the car would strike it head on, its momentum stalled. Someone said: no problem, man, we'll just engage anti-gravity to life up the front! And then everyone was like, oh, right, that's cool.

That's the only possible explanation. Because if the car doesn't have anti-gravity it's going to drop like an anvil into the valley below.

As if that wasn't enough, let's meet Bluesuit McButthat, who's ambled on over to shoot at the durn fool car. Or perhaps he's aiming