The Midas tale again: a constant theme in Richie Rich comics. Blazing hot. The sun has entered the Orange giant phase, and looms perilously close; the ground itself is smoking. Richie wants only a cooling draught of water. But the pail brings up money, which is no use for thirst-slaking. It’s an odd pailful - currency, gold coins, huge cut gems, and strings of pearls. Almost as if an employee had been secreting them away from the house for years and hiding them in the well.

In fact he’s watching Master Rich discover his cache at this very minute, as he crouches behind a bush and bites a knuckle to keep from crying out in despair.

Or consider something else: the family has been destitute for years, and puts out these trinkets and baubles to maintain the image of wealth, hoping to shield their son from the truth of their predicament. He's never seen the real thing. How would he know?