Chancres away, my boys, chancres away!

“You can’t surrender to other lips and other arms when you’ve promised to be A SAILOR’S GIRL.”

Well, obviously you can. Unless we’re supposed to believe that you were doing your morning stretch – in a bar – and a showgirl’s outfit fell out of the sky at such velocity it slid over your upstretched arms, and this oily jerk in the bar was helping you remove the outfit. Sure. That’s the ticket.

“No soldier would date me”? Sweetheart. Hon. There has to be a reason. Sit down, and think what it might be. Then work on that. It's either less of something or more of something else. Really, it's not that hard.

Another story of a man Changed By Service: “Was My Corporal The Same Man.” Well, check the dogtags and identifying moles. That would be your first order of business. After that, quiz him on the names of friends and relatives. If he continues to insist that everyone who comes back from Korea looks Korean, he might be a spy. Particularly if he insists that the wedding is off because he has to follow the President's campaign around the country for awhile.