It’s unclear who Chili is addressing. Is that Millie on the left, looking very Rhoda-Morgensterrn in her hairstyle and accessories? If so, then Millie might be the first supermodel in the industry to consider taking up the pasttime of assembling ships in small boats. That requires a steady hand, and most models are so fatigued from lack of food and excessive cigarettes that their hands shake too much for delicate work.

Is Chili addressing the grey-haired clay buyer? If so, that’s rather cruel. You play with that malleable substance, grandma; I’ll play with a different kind of putty right here.

Don’t spend too much time examining the spatial relationships of the picture becuse once you realize that the Hobby sign is on a wall, and there’s an escalator behind the boyfriend, you realize that the sign must not only be HUGE but is placed a good distance away from the department itself.

The bottles on the left? Don’t think about it. I told you not to think about it.