Can I admit something without getting the scorn and derision of a thousand infuriated fans flooding my inbox? I never liked the Three Stooges. As a kid, anyway. Moe scared me. Moe was mean. Curly was pathetic. Shemp looked like he had horrible BO.

“Knights in a Daze.” There’s the wordplay of Night vs. Day, which is irrelevant, as well as "In days of old when knights were bold," and there’s the use of “daze” to suggest confusion, even though the Stooge form of confusion is highly kinetic, not lanquid or supine, as “daze” usually means. It’s also a callback to a Stooge movie, “Around the World in A Daze,” which the target market may have recalled; it was a reference to "Around the World in 80 Days." It's all crap anyway.

Anyway, they’re knights. In days of old. Wearing T-shirts. And wristwatches.