If you’re the parent of a small child who watches “Dora the Explorer,” you’re probably thinking: Sniper! No Sniping! Sniper! No Sniping!

It’s hard to tell what’s going on here. Well, not that hard – it’s war, obviously, and the Gyrenes - that’s pronounced “jeh-reh-nays” – have just blown up the Dreamsicle factory. One Gyrene has decided to take out some Krauts, and –

No, they’re not Krauts. According to the cover, the Gyrenes are feared by Japs, so these must be deep-cover Japs on a spy mission to . . . oh, never mind. It doesn’t matter.  They’re Marines. The word gets around.

That said, these are questionable tactics. If you see two guys in a trench, and one has two guns and the other has no guns, your worst course of action would consist of running up and shooting Herr Nein-Gun while taking your eyes off Fritz Zwei-Bangstick. I mean, the dead guy's lapel has a Roman numeral clearly indicating the order in which they're to be shot.

It’s also difficult to tell who’s supposed to be the sniper here. I think we can rule out the Gyrene. This could be page one in the Golden Book of How Not To Be A Sniper.