This may be the greatest comic ever. Monsters who are also SOLDIERS and fight NAZIS. Everyone’s here - Wolfman, Drac, Frankenstein, and Medusa for sex appeal. They’re on a secret mission! And obviously, they failed, because Hitler survived.

I can’t tell you how much I love the “H” in Hitler. It’s like something a 6th grader would invent to make Hitler’s name ever more evil. Almost as good is the possibility that Hitler and Company - which sounds like a 1970s summer-replacement variety show in hell - might FREAK OUT if they knew the secret mission. The green-skinned undead colossus doesn’t unnerve them; in fact Goebbels seems to be considering using Frankenstein in some dastardly experiment, or perhaps having him sent up to his room later. But if they knew the vampire and the wolfman were also involved in espionage? It would BLOW THEIR MINDS.