Which one's Monte, and what exactly is going on here? Someone's croched in the foreground looking past a metal wheel next to a chair next to a beam that fell down, and then there's the planks of the sidewalk, angled up like it's one of those gravity-spot houses you find in tourist traps, and then there are two guys having a gunfig in a vacant lot behind which the majestic scenery looms? What the hell is goimg on?

You wouldn't know it from this, but he was one of the singin' types. Says Wikipedia:

Hale then got a job during World War II as a replacement guitarist with the Stars Over Texas Bond Drive. He had joined with several Republic Pictures celebrities and staff. When signing to the company for seven years, he changed his name from Buren Ely to Monte Hale. Soon, Hale starred in his first major role in Home on the Range in 1946.

During his B-Western film run of the early 1950s, Hale started to sing at rodeos and circuses. Hale soon retired from movies and begin to appear at western conventions.

He died in 2009, almost 90. Proof you can survive the use of Hobo font in your comics.