From 1964, what might well be the very first example of computer-generated pr0n. “James Pyle and his Assistant Nonna Wells,” says the cutline. Here's the dope:

“A computer fed information by engineers at Los Angeles took only 1.2 second this week (sic) to come up with what was described as Miss Formula, the girl with everything. Her dimensions: height, 5 feet, 6 inches; weight, 115-118 pounds and measurements, 36-24-36.” And a caesarian scar that suggests she gave birth to an alien face-hugger, apparently.

By “fed information” one suspects they mean “manually operated the graphing pen.” Mr. Pyle appears to be contemplating the possibilities the future holds; he certainly has an expression commensurate with the gravity of the event. The date - July 30, 1964 - should possibly be set aside as a Computer Nerd Holiday. I'll bring the cake.