“Machines don’t lie, Mindy. There is a seventy percent chance a bundt cake resides under that lid, and a 35 percent chance your hair is actually an exploded Jiffy Pop container painted black.”

It’s the "brand new System / 370” machine, which, according to the cutline, had been approved for sale . . . by a judge. A U.S. District Court jurist had just ruled against Telex, who’d insisted that the computer would violate antitrust laws. (This is a long grim tale that makes "Bleak House" look like a Judge Judy episode.)

Either the 370 sported a pen-based input system, or that guy’s so old-school he codes on the screen with a Sharpie. Note also how industrial design looks like the 2001-movie era of futuristic computers – and no matter how cool stuff looks, people still pile things on top of the devices.