Ha ha. Get it? Going down. Once again, Frahm's inability to grasp underwear physics is at play here. The underwear obviously did not begin to slip until after the woman began to step out of the elevator - and that's preposterous. Underwear just doesn't work that way. Where, exactly, is she coming from? If she's going down, then she was up above floor two - not the usual location for a grocery store. (She's obviously disembarking, unless she makes a habit of backing into elevators.) So she's been to a combination hat shop and grocery store on the upper floor of an office building. Fine. At least she kept her purse closed, a modest touch underscored by the hand in her groin that holds down the dress. There's actually a reason her dress is billowing - air flowing from the crack between the car and and the floor. Skirt lifting gusts usually don't flow from the shaft on the first floor, but this is called artistic license.


The elevator jockey is not exactly leering; he appears to be reacting to a religious apparition slightly outside the left part of the picture. He's not looking at her skirt or legs - his eyes appear to have aimed for her neck, but missed.