Kindly the Friendly Clown. He’s Drifter Willie’s pal. He likes kids. He hates to see it when they get all sad and whimpery and talk about never seeing mom and dad again. He tells them he never knew his dad. His mom was in the circus in the hoochie koochie tent and he had lots of uncles but never no dad. He never had no friends either until Willie, and Willie’s a good friend. He lets him play with his dog. Kindly had a dog when he was a kid but one of Mom’s friends kicked it and it died. That made him real mad and that’s why he kicked the other uncle until he stopped moving but that was in Kansas City and there was never no trouble out of that and mom never pushed him around anymore either.

Here you want some chicken? It’s got relish. C’mon, dry your tears. It’ll be over soon. Willie’s good with knots.