Here's Mrs. Dewey again, giving the girls a taste of the newest, most up-to-date salad idea: Not Salad! At least not as it's commonly understood these days. Salad, as most people grasp the concept, is not a coherent mass with a certain structural integrety. But as you'll see, salad was re-imagined beyond the wildest dreams of the smart set. You'll note how they're all looking at her with a sense of happy expectation, but she seems a bit hesitant: no, dears, this is the salad I was talking about. The Jell-O. There's not another salad coming later. This is it.

The back of the booklet. Another masterpiece. You'll notice there's no chocolate flavor. You may not know there was a chocolate flavor. Indeed - but it was cancelled in 1927, then brought back in '34 in pudding form.

The NRA logo assures all the homemakers intent on Doing Their Part that consumption of Jell-O meant one was doing one's part. (That was the NRA motto: We Do Our Part. It was a series of laws and codes intended to combat the Depression, enacted in 1933; they were ruled unconstitutional in 1935. The logo is most helpful for dating things.)