On the top: Zucchini Dollar Cakes. The recipe calls for more butter than flour: always a good sign, and equal amounts of salt and MSG. Yum! To the left, Rabbit in Sauce Sublime, a recipe that sounds right out of a Warner Brothers cartoon. First ingredient: 2 1/2 pounds rabbit. Which was evidently available at any grocery store. First line in the recipe: “Wash and dry rabbit; cut into serving portions.”

It’s been a while since Jane Q. Housewife washed and dried a rabbit, I think. Last line of the recipe is rather enigmatic: “Serve with rabbit instead of gravy.” If you say so. But you have to make rabbit! It doesn’t just come!

To the right: “Veal and Pineapple Birds.” First step: imprison, feed, kill, drain, wash, dry veal.

Just kidding.

On the bottom: Turkey Rarebit. Guaranteed to fall into your guests’ laps when they pick it up. Breaks the ice at parties.

Come to think of it, "Washed the Rabbit" sounds rather naughty. Use it in conversation today, won't you?