Got some of that pink-ball sauce left over? Toss in some weenies!

So you’re asking: what is it with this creamery and the color red? The recipe describes the thing in the lower left-hand corner as “cheese onion balls,” and while I don’t doubt that, I have to wonder about the red stuff: “Chipped beef,'"says the book. Damn - that’s some red beef.

But the founder of the dairy liked red. He has a flower named after him. You can find it at the Nixon Library, where the founder was a frequent guest. (Must have ticked off his daughter, who became a Quaker peace activist.) The founder was Thorkid Knudsen, who arrived from Denmark in 1909, slept on a park bench on his inagural night in Gotham, moved west, founded a creamery, and prospered. He was later knighted by the King of Denmark.

Only in America! If you know what I mean.