This is a teenaged girl’s room. Toss a modern Goth chick in here and she’d dissolve on contact. The yellow and checked pattern do provide an interesting contrast, but you could say the same thing about a vat of acrid urine and a dozen Krispy Kremes. So what, in other words? What’s so blessedly special about contrasts, particularly if the effect looks like a room for someone overly prone to throwing up six quarts of mustard now and then?

No unauthorized cameras allowed, says the Old-Timey sign. Oh, don’t worry. Not when this hue and this pattern is described in most technical handbooks as “the lens-cracker.”

A caricature from a county fair, proving that the caricaturist’s primary trick – giving everyone gigantic Mick Jagger lips and buck teeth – hasn’t changed with the passage of time. Note, please, that the accursed fabric is used in the frame, as well. At this point you’re wondering if Mom wadded up the scraps and made tampons with the things. Waste not want not! I don’t know what the hell this is – Jaundice McFrog, the pencil holder. At least it's yellow

The banana is cool because Andy Warhol painted them and they were on that album cover by that group mom wouldn’t let you buy and if you smoked the peel you got stoned they say I don’t know one girl said she tried it but she lies about everything anyway all the groovy kids are into bananas