Three approaches to the same room. The lesson seems to be: color can make a difference! Why, one might even say that different colors make different differences!

Here's a nice yellowy yellow scheme, with a dominant note of yellow offsetting the other yellows, and bringing out the deep yellows.

Paging Dame Fashion in the Green Room! You'll love this hideous mess, from the wicker chairs that jab you in ass with small wicker-spears, to the lattice molding you spent an entire weekend applying, only to ask yourself: who's going to dust this? You, that's who. Forever.

Finally, it's Hell's Own Whorehouse! Why not cover the ceiling with fabric that looks like something Satan threw up? ? Why not? Why not paint the walls black and floor a shiny black? Why not? Why not splash blood-red paint everywhere? Why not just invert all the crosses in the house and start sacrificing pigs to Moolzebech NOW?