An old newspaper can make a whimsical wastebasket! Then again, maybe it can’t. The item is described as a “Man’s Personalized Wastebasket,” although the directions plainly admit no personalization is involved. “If you are working to raise funds, this wastepaper basket with the Wall Street Journal or the stock market page is a good choice, even if it is not personalized. Because such a variety of companies are listed on the financial pages, chance are good that a buyer will find the company of his choice.”

Chances are better he'll buy a bigger wastebasket so he can throw away this smaller one. Preferably a basket that doesn't have the decoupaged stench of small-time failure.

I have no idea what that thing with the ETUDE magazine is supposed to be; perhaps it’s a finger guillotine to motivate young pianists. The chair is interesting, as long as no one sits on it – note the proportions. Maybe it’s handy to have around in case any Munchkin botanists drop by.

Who can resist this delightful emergency cheese grater? Whisk yourself back to the honest simple old-tyme days when people mounted their fancy graters on the wall for show. You'd bring it down only when company came calling. Myrtle, it's the Bertlesons, and they brought gouda! Bring down the good grater.