No expense has been spared, and no bad idea turned away. Note the whimsical "eyeball" railings, which funnel traffic from the door to the check-in counter, lest people get lost in the spacious lobby or become mesmerized by the wallpaper, which looks like someone tried to turn the flag of a minor African nation into a Magic Eye picture.

If you're exhausted by your trek, you can relax in the sofa zone - it's enclosed for your protection - and consider the mysteries of the fireplace that has no fire. That's because it's not a fireplace. It’s cut away to allow folks on the upper level a clear view down to the lower level, but since it appears to serve no structural purpose there’s no reason for it to be there, anyway. There’s no reason for the carpet to combine rust and purple, either, but that didn’t stop them.

This might possibly be the only room of its era whose saving grace might have been a suspended plastic fluorescent-light ceiling, bathing everything in bright light - just like those rooms you see on TV shows where they have all the computers!

Having checked in, let’s go to our room.