Bondex Betty

Worried about security on your web site? Specifically, worried about leaks but nothing about them except worrying? Betty's your gal. As a mascot for Bondex, a basement-wall sealant concern, her job was to worry over leaks. (You can see them in the upper left-hand corner.) faced with the prospects of a wet basement, a collapsing foundation and possible ruin of her home, Betty simply disconnected from reality, stared ahead with the blank look of the damned, and bit her nails. The implication, of course, was that Betty could be redeemed by calling Bondex, but in no ad does Betty appear happy and untroubled; she never did call Bondex, and stands as a stark rebuke to those who put off necessary repairs.

Which would make her ideal for sites that have had busted-GIF icons for months on end.