Whoever you think that is, it’s not her.

You suspect they would have sold twice as many copies if they’d changed “prevent” to “justify,” but there are always those nettlesome censors. RED SLAVE CAMP! Zip-Gun Killers! This is Sharks vs. Jets cultural territory here; the Red Threat without, the Juvie menace within. How it must have nettled the guys who fought WW2. You save the world, and it ends up full of losers with Zip Guns jacked up on “tea” knocking over little old ladies with their motorcycles. On the other hand, you can see more in the magazines these days, so there’s that.



Winner of the Square-Jawed Dame award of 1963, and runner-up in the Neck That Most Resembles a Fire Hydrant pageant.

Not that anyone cared, believe me. Not to go all sociological on you, but you can see the standards of female beauty shift in the sixties; the va-va-voom look is losing its influence over the lower quarters, and hips are getting narrower.