Why? That’s a very good question! I must purchase this magazine and endeavor to find out the reason for this vexing mystery. I say, vendor – do you have another copy of this periodical? I should like to cut out the pictures to affix them to a wall and study the matter, but I should also like to keep a copy intact, so I may refer to the proper page when issuing my report to the fine editors of this journal.

The cover also offers an answer to a common question. <karnak> “What is the Outfit willing to donate to JFK’s Campaign?” </karnak>



Blurred so we can keep our Safe For Work status. Tab! What a strange name, but of course the name mattered little. They could have named it Spot or Pip or Jot or Tittle – well, probably not tittle.

Again with the nudists; this time they’re grounding the French Air Force. How? By painting German uniforms on their bodies and running on the field?

Just kidding.