Boy, this ish is packed: “Lt. Morrow’s Mademoiselle-Commando Raid on Hell Bomb Cavern” is damn near perfect. We presume that’s a Mademoiselle Commando fleeing the Gestapo, and that the Lt. Morrow will soon jump out and unnerve the Nazis with his flagrant nakedness. That was just his way. He always stripped down for a raid. Particularly if Hell Bombs were involved.

For those who don’t like fast-paced tales of espionage, there’s the promise of “Swastika Slave Girls in Argentina’s No-Escape Brothel Camp,” another tidy compilation of must-have features. You got your girls. You got your slave girls. You got your swastika slave girls. You got your swastika slave girls in a camp. A brothel camp. A no-escape brothel camp.

The Book Bonus, GANG TRAMP, is meant to stand out on the newsstand, and appeals to men who are cooling their heels at the train station, looking for reading material that might involve, you know, gang tramps. Note the tagline: “she had a come-on trick no man could resist.” I’m sorry, but a gang tramp doesn’t need a come-on trick. She’s a gang tramp, for heaven’s sake. And a trick no man could resist? As if gang tramps travel in circles composed of upright abstemious men who would have remained faithful and chaste if it wasn’t for THAT DARN GANG TRAMP and her irresistible trick.

Finally, savor the concept of a "GI China-Wrecker." One hundred men against one billion! The fight of a llfetime.