Hit, November 1952

According to a site to which I cannot link – NSFW ads – Busty Brown was known for her “silly grin” and remarkable ability to “suck in her stomach and thrust out her chest.” Another site called her “mad as badgers,” which is quite endearing.

Hit! seems to be indistinguishable from the rest of the batch – the usual “Paris nightclub” story, ads for Charles Atlas, spicy comic books, lonely hearts clubs, and cheesecake photos that wouldn’t be out of place in a Sunday “Parade” magazine. But this was the stuff back in ’52,  I suppose.

Busty – Miss Brown, if you’re nasty – is in her seventies now, if she’s still alive. Same goes for all the other models in the magazine. You wonder if there’s a special retirement home for them somewhere. The Tassel Castle.

Okay, sorry for that one. It’s not like I was saving it up. It just occurred to me. Let’s move on.