Laff, August 1952

New Girls are one thing, but new faces too? Hoorah! It’s tiresome when they put the same old faces on the new girls.

That’s Judy Landon on the left. Imdb notes the progress of her career: she began in 1950 as an uncredited cowgirl in “Annie Get Your Gun,” moved up to a credited role in “Prehistoric Women,” then had a string of uncredited roles that dried up in 1953. In 1973 she appeared on “The Brady Bunch,” then descended back into obscurity.  (Note: her episode last played on TVLand on Dec. 18th 2007 at 11 AM. The past never dies.)

On the right, Gwen Caldwell. She started out in “Tarzan and the Slave Girl,” playing a Slave Girl. Her last role was “Step Down to Terror” in 1958. After that: smoke and whispers.