You’ll feel so young you’ll want to punch yourself in the jaw!

DO YOU ENVY men who are able to "keep on their feet" and "woo the ladies" without falling forward into the sidewalk and busting their noses? Then you need the Chevalier.

If you look at the before and after pictures, it’s apparent that this thing must have been the most uncomfortable garment ever designed for men. I mean, look at the gut on that guy. In the second picture he appears to be carrying bout 50 extra pounds; how could you possible pack that back in without making six yards of intestine shoot out your backside? Note that a fella’s yarbles could be tucked in a “detachable pouch” that’s “air cooled.” How? By eschewing pants?  You strap that feedbag on and air couldn't get in there if your bladder spontaneously generated a vacuum.