Knew what? The secret softly-sapphic cheekbone-sniffing rites of wives?


The inside cover ad, the first thing to smack you in the face: YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WOMEN.

Well, this book will help. It gives you the “knack,” and from the “knack” you will get Sexual Mastery; worry and anxiety disappear – and "the home is held together!" A far cry from today’s Cosmo and other hussy-instruction hook-up manuals, which rarely assume there’s a home to hold together. 

Then again, this seems a bit . . . clinical. If only husbands knew about the exact location of the fallopian tubes!

Note: you have five days to read the book. Probably four and a half more than necessary, since the guys probably spent half an hour in the index looking for “Know, Things Husband Should” because he had no idea what the ad was talking about. Is there an incantation? Am I suppose to do something with a shoe? Should I take my socks off? What?

If you can’t trust frank talk from a doc named Butterfield, you can’t trust anyone. (Was the name real, or residual ooh-la-la left over from the call girl in John O’Hara’s “Butterfield 8”?)