Hence the sudden appearance in 1954 of men walking around the street with a pencil jammed up to their face, hand outstretched as though attempting to grope something, hats flying off their heads and taking their greasy, pomaded hair with it.

Mr. Businessman: it’s the best good will builder you have ever had. Nowadays you’d get shown the door if you passed these out, I suspect. Unless you claimed that the model was transgendered, perhaps. Then they'd be utterly confused, but err on the side of caution. Well, I suppose that's protected.




A cheery little note tucked away in the porn-pen / girl-wrestling / sex-fact book / lonely hearts section: POLIO still stalked the land.

The vaccine wasn’t licensed until 1962. In the meantime, kids didn’t dare mix with new groups, get overtired, or get chilled. Other than that: carry on.