Finally: tiny ads.

There must have been a good reason for advertising these cowboy outfits in Paris Models, and I cannot begin to describe how much I do not want to hear it.

Send no money! Just send this ad and how many Outfits wanted. We will bill you later. Actually, we will send around a private investigator to see what you’re doing with these things, because we’re selling thousands and we don’t know why. You people are sick.





Yes, Copper is scarce, which is why this thing doesn’t contain any. That’s why “Copper” is in quotes. It’s tin, and comes with copper seeds. So you can plant copper. Which makes it a copper planter. And it’s a three-chain model, too – a dramatic improvement over those unstable, easy-to-spill two-chain models.




Amazon sales rank at press time: #5,155,739.

This was an infamous novel in its time: the author, an Australian,  was brought up on “obscene libel” charges and sent to prison for a week and a few days.   More on the case here. The original cover is here. It's interesting to note that even the consumers of this cheap mag were expected to have a vague awareness of an actual book, even if it was famous for being naughty.