Sir! Magazine, February 1962.

Note: that’s not Maris and Mantle having a gypsy knife-fight. Those are presumably husbands #49 and # 50 of the grape-eating Gaya – who seems curiously unconcerned about the noisy violence elapsing behind her. Perhaps she’s looking at husband #51, who’s sitting in the corner with a bemused smirk on his face. Whoever wins, I keel. I musta have the Gaya. Incidentally, is possible to get a moustache like that? You'd have to get whisker implants on your cheekbones, or know a guy who imports large pliable caterpillers.

Typical subject matter - violence, sex, sports, scandal. ARE YOU SEXUALLY NEUROTIC? Depends on how you define "Neurotic" - I don't worry obsessively about four dozen husbands showing up to slice open my pectoral muscles, but I'm not married to Gaya. (The article is all about impotence and its causes. The treatment: psychotherapy, you disgusting half-man sick-o.) The Maris – Mantle hoax? They ‘re not as good as Babe Ruth. “How to Beat Las Vegas” gives you an amazing secret: be aware of the odds and bet accordingly.