Sir! Magazine, July, 1950

It’s “bastards” used in the way beloved by 6th grade boys: totally legit! Can’t get us for this one, postal authorities.

Our model is Eleanor Lawson, spokesperson for the National Flammable Jammies Council; here she shows her ability to look tired, pretend to be frightened by a giant ant, and do a lousy job of both.

Great stories in this issue: What to do in an “A” bomb raid. Die, right? No, dig in and wait it out and don’t drink the water and use a good strong adhesive tape to keep your flesh from sloughing off the bone. Ship From Moon Lands Safely was fiction about a ship  returning from the moon, and landing safely. No one cared about the man who talked with the angels. (It was a biography of Swedenborg, believe it or not.) No, they wanted more of Eleanor, and the dumber males in the audience probably spend half an hour trying to scrape the red banner off the cover. She’s unner there somewhurs, yhup.