Sir! Magazine, October, 1950

Mother of Death, Savage Sex, Terrible Secret – that about covers it. The first one is self-explanatory; Niagara Falls could be hard on the bones. The middle story actually refutes the idea of “savage sex” in Samoa, and notes they’re quite nice about it all. Jack London’s terrible secret was a case of piles so horrible he broke out in a cold sweat whenever someone said the word “bicycle.” Actually, no: he was a horrible drunk. Have  I forgotten anything?

Right: the strange naked doorknobs. We’ll get to that.

Barbara Neil doesn’t seem to have had an acting career beyond this particular pose. She looks like one of those nasty roommates of a model who goes on to better things, and spends the next nine years moving through a series of poorly chosen men, always insisting her break was right around the corner. If she grew up to be a wonderful  mother of six perfectly well-adjusted children, I apologize.