Scandal! Shown at left in another patented Whisper fake photo is the famed showgirl Flo Castro, who was the toast of  New York “café society.” Since it’s a dead-bang certainty that no members of Whisper’s audience intersected with café society, we had to take their word on the matter. Then she vanished – without a trace!

But intrepid Whisper reporter “Al Servo” – great name, eh? – spotted her at a Bowery flophouse. Not only did he have his camera present so he could get a candid picture of the rum-soaked showgirl sewing her clothes, he managed to get a shot of another photographer getting a shot.

Either the pictures have been reversed, or her bra straps take turns falling down. This must have been shot for another reason, and assembled in a new form for a quick excuse to show a lady in a bra.

Not a moment of this actually happened.