Whisper magazine, January 1955.

Whisper, “The Magazine of Exclusives,”  returns us to the seamier side of Stagworld. These musty cheap mags didn’t dabble in celebrity gossip or genre fiction or Washington News; they gave you pages of ads for pictures – “The Kind You Like!” Be warned: this might seem creepy to some. There’s no nudity or anything overtly smutty; it’s just rather sad and pathetic, though.

The cover suggests a visit to a nudist camp, a place that seemed to hold special fascination to the Stagworld citizens. There is nothing about nudist camps in this issue. She isn’t even at a nudist camp; she’s in a studio, showing off granny panties while de-tartanizing her lower limbs. And that’s not even a nudist camp. It’s a sign that says Nudist Camp superimposed on a picture of a tree. The model is “Carmen Mann,” who supposedly joined a nudist camp then wrote an expose, if that’s not redundant; it appeared in the subsequent issue of Whisper. If anyone kept track of those things.