I think they got a deal on red ink, eh?

Once you've received your colored brochure, head down to Uncle Tom's. He’s got that famous - sorry, World famous Big Beef All Beef Sausage with Beef. And since your plans tonight consist entirely of sitting around the room drinking from the bottle while watching the Dean Martin show, hoping this will be the week you catch a peek at a Golddigger’s panties, why not get some Cheese n’ Snacks? As the ad says: PERFECT FOR ROOM COCKTAILS.

How did this concept pass from American society? Room Cocktails!

Maybe you should stop by the Pizza Barn too. Order me one with extra straw.


"All you care to eat" is so much more elegant than "All you can eat," isn't it? Makes it sound like a matter of choice, not gluttony. Also: many places have 38 salads, but are they different salads?

Wonder if the Ozark Maid got their sign from the fellas what built the Pizza Barn sign.