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I remember coming out of church one day and seeing a car with a bumper sticker for the Reptile Gardens. Asked my dad what he was; he probably said, well, it’s a garden. With snakes.

An interesting concept to mull over on your way out of church.

It seemed intriguing, and I said “can we go there this afternoon?” I remember his reply: a “no” delivered with high amusement. It was in South Dakota, for heaven’s sake. One simply did not drive over to the Reptile Gardens on a lark.

In the family trips that followed we stopped at a few Gardens here and there, and all I remember is feeding a sad little deer and sitting on the lap of an old Indian Chief. Don’t know if they didn’t live up to the brochure, because I never saw them. But if you’d stayed in a local motel you would have seen a rack of brochures in the lobby, laying out all the local highlights. Kids would have begged to go to these places!


Well. Let’s see.