A man's doing okay in this world when he has his own whiskey label. Or so you might think. Could be a desperate bid for attention and respect, no? It could all turn to ashes in your mouth as you stand behind the cash register, trying not to look at the gun in the man's hand, scooping out the tens and hoping it's enough, cursing yourself for putting out that private label bourbon. Everyone thought you were rich now. Word got around. The stuff wasn't even that good.

Of course, it's K. Taylor's bourbon with Art's name slapped on the glass. K. Taylor must have done a lot of that. If you think it's odd that they'd use someone else's name for their product, well, they weren't founded by K. Taylor. In fact they were sued by the company that descended from the work of K. Taylor, which was an established name in bourbon.

The K. Taylor company appears to have sprung up the day Prohibition ended. Almost as if they had their plans set ahead of time and were just waiting for the ink to dry on the law.