William Deshler built a house on this spot. His son John built the hotel site, and I presume L. C. was his son.

Columbus paper: "Over the years, there were many ownership changes. The hotel was known as the Deshler-Wallick, the Deshler Hilton, the Deshler Cole and the Beasley Deshler."

Its inherent Deshlerism seemed to be a constant.

Knocked down for a bank building in the mid 80s. I know, I know: Why would they destroy a lovely tower like that? They didn't. It's not part of the hotel at all.

They just liked to put it in the picture in case you wanted to think it was part of the hotel.

That concludes the collection - for now! Who knows what else I'll find. Oh, I have others, but they're not grand enough - and so, in 2023 or 2024, there'll be a Modest Hotels site. Really! It's already finished.