Rather rakish picture of Frank. Regarded by some as one of the worst presidents ever; known as a "doughface" - a Northerner with Southern sentiments. (There's a term I never knew.) By "Southern sentiments" we mean "declared his support for the Confederacy." Yeah, that'll do it.

After Lincoln was assassinated a crowd gathered at his house and demanded to know why he wasn't displaying the flag, or mourning bunting. He told them he didn't need to prove his devotion to the country, so shove it.

I'm paraphrasing.

Wonder what "Mixed Flavor" tastes like. Vanilla, Orange, Lemon and "other flavors" - what we used to call a "suicide" when we could make our own flavors at the soda fountain.

But back to Frank: been a long time since a state had a "border war," and I'm rather happy about that.