"The best single newscaster I ever heard was a man by the name of Whitey Larson on WNAX in Sioux City, Iowa, who would come on and do the 10:00 news--I later learned in his municipal band uniform. It was on radio. And he would say, `Well, it's gonna snow tomorrow, but it won't be the shoveling kind, so if you're gonna hang out the wash, you'll be OK, ladies, until about noon.' That's how he would start the newscast. I was like 12 years old listening to the 10:00 news on the radio. And then he would talk his way through the news. And I've always thought he was the perfect radio newscaster because it was as if he came to your home to tell you about what was going on."

-- Tom Brokow

WNAX was in South Dakota, but, well, details, details.