A 1946 Amazon adventure tricked up as sci-fi. Sounds lousy, but Kuttner has a good rep. He knew Lovecraft, and added some characters to the roster of dread elders.And there's this:

Robert M. Price has suggested that Kuttner, by giving the name "Abigail Prinn" to the villain of his short story "The Salem Horror", may have been suggesting that the Salem witch Abigail was a descendant of the Brussels sorcerer. In any case, Kuttner explicitly made use of De Vermis Mysteriis in his 1939 short story "The Invaders", in which disregard of the book's precautions ("the Pnakotic pentagon, the cabalistical signs of protection...") brings forth the horrors of the story's title—said to be described by Prinn as "the dwellers in the Hidden World".

The "Vermis Mysteriis" was invented by Robert Bloch, who also knew Loveraft, and of course was the author of many famous works, including "Psycho" and an episode of Star Trek.

Somehow you think Lovecraft was waaaay back there in the history of these things, but it wasn't so.