No worries! Got me a whole tank of 02.

The "Robinson Crusoe" of the red planet? Well, the original title was "No Man Friday." Summary:

A British rocket, developed at minimal cost and secretly from officialdom, lifts off from the Woomera rocket range on a mission to Mars. During the voyage, an accident in the airlock kills all but the narrator, who was returning from EVA and still in his space suit. The rocket reaches Mars but crash lands.

There, the narrator learns how to produce oxygen and water, also discovering more about Martian species and nourishment. Eventually, he starts cooperating with the titanic inhabitants of that planet to survive.

After fifteen years, an American mission lands, thinking themselves the first to reach Mars. The narrator contacts the Americans, and then tries to return to the Dominant Beings, but is prevented from reaching them. He returns to Earth with the Americans.

The Dominant Beings, by the way, were "Gigantic nocturnal living beings that eat Martian humanoids."

Keep an eye peeled at dusk.