A pre-Foundation story in Asimov's big series about an empire far, far away - no, hold on, that's not right. It starts on Earth.

Biron Farrill is the son of the greatest nobleman on the planet Nephelos, one of the Nebula Kingdoms. The story starts with the news that his father has been caught conspiring against the Tyranni.

The Tyranni (who come from planet Tyrann) are a minor empire that rule fifty planets near the Horsehead Nebula.

I'll bet the Tyranni aren't particularly concerened with democracy or other such botherations. In the end - and oh, spoiler:

It is further revealed that the Director, who possesses a collection of ancient documents, has searched for, and found, a document that will help a future empire-yet-to-be (likely Trantor) govern the galaxy. This document is ultimately revealed to be the United States Constitution.

E plebnista!