Gualberto Villarroel. The bill says “Law of 20th of December 1945,” which probably refers to some currency statute, not the official I Am On The Money Now, Pal, And You’ll Like It law Villarroel may have passed. He came to power in a coup, and went out with a spectacular flourish: mobs broke into the Presidential palace, killed him, threw the body the window and strung it up from a lamppost. Really puts the "kill" in "Overkill."

Apparently this rash act of premature de-electing has been subsequently regretted, and he is regarded by many as a benevolent, foreseeing Peron-type guy. He certainly has that I Stare On Behalf of the People gravity here, although he may have been thinking about supper while his wife discussed what she did with her friends that afternoon.