Well, one certainly couldn't expect a sign that classic to remain unmolested, and WHA-AHHH? he said in mock surprise.

Too bad it lost the clock tower, though.

The sign also says: Historic site Many Movies & Videos Filmed Here. Really? Its website says: "Stay where the stars stay. The historical Drake Motel was showcased in the movie Thing Called Love with River Phoenix and Sandra Bullock. Drake Inn is also popular for country music videos by well known country music stars Dolly Parton and Daryl Worley."

Review from Yelp:

Upon pulling in to the hotel parking lot, we saw a group of people SHOOTING UP HEROIN next to the pool where children were playing and PROSTITUTES working out of the rooms. 

The review is called "Heroin, Hookers and Roaches," which could be the working title of something they were shooting.