RIVIERA, Daytona Beach FL



This card was sent in by the Mysterious ANK, bestower of cards from other places. ANK wrote:

"Still standing as of July 2015, now a condo hotel called the Dayton Inn Beach Resort. Streetview for 7/15 shows a sign in fron that reads "A DAY AT THE BEACH RESTORES THE SOUL. Rather heterodox, but perhaps if they still have weenie roasts."

That's what the back of the card promises: "Weenie roasts" and "dancing."

I have an image of a bored teen who has to make the weenies every night, and some conventioneers standing around shivvering because they thought it would be warmer. The kid can't wait to get out of there. Years later he will base a screenplay around the job and make it sound like an example of a bygone age that was, in its own way, so much better.