“The Grimes” sounds like a vernacular term for the way your skin feels after a long day in the car. Got me the grimes. You can only hope the place’s owners didn’t pronounce it “Gree-mays,” and correct everyone who called for a reservation. The three balls atop the sign are a festive touch, very sixties, and an indication of how signs would soon get uglier and cheaper.

“Connecting rooms if desired,” says the card. A welcome change from FORCED, UNWANTED connecting rooms, I guess. I always found the connecting doors to be a great mystery as a kid – the door that led to nothing, just the back of another door.

On the left, the previous sign. Substantial money was invested in the Grimes empire. This obit says it was run by J.D. and Flois "Shorty" Grimes, who died in 2012 at the age of 96.