MOTEL 6, Santa Barbara CA

Back in the days when the 6 meant something – namely, a five-spot and four quarters got you a room. and they threw the roof and door in for free. This card hails from the Motel 6 at Santa Maria – 839 E. Main St, to be specific. (It’s still there, but it’s now “Best Value Inn.”) The only amenity listed on the back is “Direct Freeway Access,” which rather suggests that the roar of the highways would provide soothing white noise to lull you to sleep. For free!

It's postmarked April 24, 1965. Says the back:

“Dear Larry: We have a reservation at the Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel in Atlantic City for the International Rotary Convention. Hope to see you and the Mrs. There. Kindest regards to you from Mildred & me. Emil.”

Hope they had a rockin' time. The Motel 6 chain started in Santa Barbara, by the way - you're looking at the birth of an empire.