“Large family type rooms.” You could read that many ways. Large rooms for family typing; rooms for large families. etc.

There's something rather creepy about the site today.

A google search for the Breeds turns up this:

Key Safety Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a spinoff of Breed Corp. Breed Corp. had been started in 1961 as a producer of ammunition components, including mortar fuses.

Company founder Allen K. Breed was born in 1927 in Chicago. According to Inc., his father was an oncologist credited with pioneering radiation therapy. Allen Breed would himself become an acclaimed innovator.

Breed graduated from Northwestern University in 1950. Five years later, after working for RCA as an engineer, he launched a defense-oriented joint venture, Waltham Engineering, with Gruen Watch Company, a maker of gears. Breed left that company in 1961 after a falling out with investors.

Breed developed an electromechanical airbag sensor using his fuse technology in 1968. However, the auto industry did not embrace the airbag concept until prompted by a mid-1980s federal mandate to develop passive restraint systems. Breed delivered its first automotive crash sensor in 1984.

The airbag sensor business was spun off as Breed Automotive Corp. in 1986. Within a couple of years, Breed would be supplying airbag sensors for most Ford and General Motors automobiles.

Surely the Acer-Nook Breeds were relatives. Can't be that many Breeeds in Lakeland.

Another view of the sign: