In the back you see the Edgewater Beach. Gone now. Says Chicago Public TV:

By the 1950s, the Edgewater Beach, like many traditional establishments, found itself at odds with the times. The city's decision to extend Lake Shore Drive past the hotel north to Hollywood cut the Edgewater Beach off from its prized lakefront. Management, maintenance and financial problems mounted, and the original owners sold their interest in the late 1940s. Symbolically, the elegant Marine Dining Room was replaced by the Polynesian Room. (Employees who were trained in serving fine cuisine disdainfully referred to the new restaurant as "that chop suey joint.")

With the advent of television and air conditioning, the hotel drew fewer and fewer guests, and in December 1967, the owners abruptly shut it down. Demolition took over a year. "It was a big part of the neighborhood," recalls resident Phyllis Nickels, "so we were awfully mad when they were going to take it down."

As for the Sands, that's a difficult situation. Part of the motel was demolished, and what's there now appears to be a later addition. Says the back:

“Here at the fabulous Sands Motel, awaiting your pleasure and surprise, is an oasis of living luxury not ‘way on the outskirts of town, but only 8 minutes from downtown, adjoining the famous Edgewater Beach Hotel. You’ll park your car right at the door of your room.”

Sounds fun! One could have a great get-away here, no?

The message on the back reads:

"Dear Mother, visited Margaret today. She wants you to call her at Hosp. Love John.”

Hope it all went well for Margaret. More on the Sands here.